Amazing feats of strength, skill and comedy

It is my favourite time of year.  The International buskers Festival finished today and we managed to see almost all of the acts over the 10 day sor so they were on in the city.  We took a lunch and cushions and moved around the various pitches enjoying the entertainment.   The weather was mostly fabulous for the shows.  I only took a camera for the last couple of days.  My favourite acts were FUSE (a space themed trapeze act), The Topp Twins (classic Kiwi girls), Klirr Deluxe (very clever Geman/French act with spinning plates and other tricks) and Senmaru )Traditional Japanese juggling/balance tricks).  We even went to the late evening shows for the aerial acts (FUSE and Tumble Circus).

Ojarus from Japan were strange and very talented.  They were a unique form of clowning and a unique form of headgear!



Green was… very green


Senmaru from Japan was one of my favourites.  Very talented traditional style show.  He was amazing!


The Chipolatas from England were very cute and quick and had a show with lots of catchy music


DANGER!  from the Daredevil Chicken Club…


These crazy chickens are responsible for the word “cloaca” entering my childs vocabulary.  I will regret explaining that joke to her in the weeks to come I am sure.


Space cowboy who also swallowed swords


Just the Two of Us from Holland.  Skilled acrobats…


who also did a very funny gag putting one of them entirely into a giant balloon


The Human Knot!  One of those horribly bendy people ramming himself through tennis and squash racquets and a toilet seat (with a lot of toilet humour!)  I like this photo for the bonus guy in the background with the “I’m Sexy” t shirt.


The Human Knot up a pole juggling knives.  Danger! 


Look at this guys costume.  He was from The Mat & Charlie show, a mix of comedy, mystery and acrobatics using a giant wheel.


Another person picked from the audience to wear silly pants and was unlucky enough to also be strapped and spun on the giant wheel!


An Original: The Scrabble Song

Oh, A B C D E F G
I’ll bingo your ass before you can use your ‘Z’
And then, I’ll triple-word-score your Mama!”

I came across this song tonight. Abby’s song is so cute. I’ve been playing regular Scrabulous for a while now. If you are an online scrabble nerd and want to play then please message me:)

“A quintessential Kiwi”

Sir Edmund Hillary died today.  I listened to the coverage all day from the time they announced it on the radio, there have been tributes all night on the TV as well.  It really is a sad day, he was a genuine hero, a great adventurer and he always seemed like a genuinely good person.  There are not enough people like this in the world.  My daughter is sad too.

 Obituary     Other coverage

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and my best wishes for 2008.  It has been an endless round of BBQ’s, food and celebrations lately. Forgive my slack updating.  I had many plans and pictures to put up and I just got too busy for the rest of December.  My thrifted star plate has been to a lot of parties.


I took my Xmas things down yesterday which took quite a while and gave the house a good cleanup.   I left up my brand new bargain tree up though until Monday.  I went to the after Xmas sales swearing I needed NO MORE.  However, among all the other 75% off things I noticed up high a fully decorated 6ft tree…..    I flipped the hand written bit of paper attached to it (good to be tall!) and it said “$10 as is”.  Okay, totally within my budget so I now have a good sized tree!  I am allergic to real ones.  The tree was $89 before Xmas.  The decorations were a bonus and include tinsel and a topper and are really pretty.  Imagine me wheeling my fully decorated tree through the mall and attempting to stuff it in the car.  It was very funny but I managed it.  My poor kid never knows what to expect when out shopping.


This is our old tree.  I was happy with this tiny tree but realised this year it was looking a bit tired and there are really to many ornaments crowded on it.  Fortunately I will have a tree double the size next year and I will not have to put it on the trunk we store the Lego in.  There is no lego building in this house in December.


Here are some reindeer and holly muffins we made for eating on Xmas day.   Something different to take for dessert.  The kids and adults seemed to enjoy them.  They were good fun to make (and eat). 


I had a willing helper as always when bags of lollies appear.  Red sweets are Jaffas, leaves are giant spearmint leaves cut up, random coloured lollies for eyes and the black is liquorice of course.  Pretzels for antlers!  I must do these again next year for school parties when we need to take a plate.


I made attempts to keep the table tidy and made various arrangements of flowers and candles over the christmas period.  Don’t think it helped with table manners but I did notice random stuff no longer got dumped on the table.  I ignored (ha!)allergies and brought in lilies from my garden.  The orange ones were fine but the highly perfumed white Christmas lillies were unbearable and spent most of their time banished to the bathroom.  That is the $4 holly jug I got early in December. The candle glasses are the ones I made a few months ago and the silver poinsettia ones are from a December garage sale for $2.  That is a birthday gift bear.

We have had some really hot days and have been doing some swimming.  My daughter had a ball swimming in the sea a few days ago and is now more confident in the water,  she made friends with some other girls and had a go in their kayak and then they swam out to a raft anchored out in the water. 

On Christmas Eve we went to the zoo.  It was really hot and even the meercats could not be bothered moving!  For some reason there was a lot of Muslim people there and I felt sorry for all the ladies in full burkhas.


I do have some photos of the results of my quilt friendship group Christmas Ugly Fabric Challenge!  More on that another day :)  We had an end of year party in late December and judged the uglies then.

You could fry an egg out there…

Well, it is a STINKIN” hot day here today.  For those in the Northern hemisphere this is what December in New Zealand is sometimes like, 30+ C, I have a fan pointed at me, it is too hot to be outside and we are eating lemonade icebocks.   Never mind your snow, sleighbells and woolly clothes! We may go to the mall later just to hang out somewhere air conditioned.

However, what better time than to tend to my neglected blog and show you some stuff. I had a birthday this month and spent my birthday money on some great finds.  I can make $60 go a long way.


This set of 2 large oval platters and a lovely covered dish was only $15 at the St Vinnies shop.  That’s $5 a piece!  It had just been put out on the counter and I did not have to think twice.  Perfect for NZ Christmas entertaining:)


I looked up the pattern.  It is made by Myott of England and dates from the 1950’s.  Classic retro. There was also a red colourway.   I couldn’t find any on Ebay and similar but would like to know if there was more pieces available?  Tell me if you see any…..


I often moan about never finding any quilts while thrifting.  The day after my birthday I found TWO at the Sallie Army shop.  Happy birthday to meeeee.  This one I love, love, love.  Red, stripy, blue and white toile, backed with my favourite blue, hand quilted.  It was as if I had writen a script for a good quilt.  $20.  SOLD!


Right beside it was another.  A floral colour wash type in soft Laura Ashley-ish prints.  I like this almost as much so home it came as well.  This was only $10, also hand quilted.


This one is backed in plain white.   They are both decent size lap quilt size.  The red one fits well on the end on my bed.


I went to a homeware warehouse clearance sale and got a new change purse (mine is ripped).   I also picked up some very cute things which will be gifts for other people.  Great prices… this was only $4.


I had a great birthday and lots of fun shopping afterwards.  I hope to have some more Christmassy pictures in the next day or two to share.  Too hot now to put any more up!  Last week was super busy with end of year parties so hopefully next week with the end of school will be a bit more peaceful in the lead up to Christmas.

No mess cookies

Ice your own virtual gingerbread cookie to send to someone special.


It is fun and not as messy as the real thing!  You do the icing and have cherries and sprinkles as well.  Choose from three shapes.  Enjoy!!

I can’t resist… here’s another one:)


Some decorations in my home

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas decorating this year.  I will do more in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day.nov_jug.jpg

I bought this jug today, new only $4 at a place that wholesales imported things.  They had a lot of the Boyd bears and some other stuff.  I had a ball looking around,  The pink peonies and rosemary are from my garden.  There is a subtle embossed holly on the jug.  I bought a couple of bear ornaments as well.


These are this years new gingerbread men!  I found them at a funny little clearance shop last week, they were new but very dusty.  It is that sort of crazy shop but often worth a poke around.


Each year I get a new Kiwiana type decoration.  I also like tin decorations so this Kiwi combines the two perfectly.  I love that we have now got our own style of decorations for Christmas.  Snowmen and robins just don’t look right here.


Ah!  a Kiwiana trifecta on the tree.  The golden Pohutukawa jandal, tin sheep and snorkling Santa!  One day I would like a whole tree with just NZ decorations.

I’m trying NOT to buy too much more stuff (I say this every year).  I do now stick to a few specific types of decoration;  gingerbread/tin/bears/Kiwiana.  My little tree is pretty traditional and very full now.   I don’t want to get a bigger tree.


I got these two sweet little choir members at an Op Shop yesterday.  They are a bit chipped but I’m glad I got them, I nearly didn’t.


These are old favourites.  They are too heavy for the tree so I put them on a shelf with more trees.

Little Miss Bee is looking forward to starting the advent calendars tomorrow.  She has the chocolate kind all kids seem to love and one I made a few years ago where you choose a fabric decoration each day to hang on a tree on a wall hanging.  Of course we have the Lego one as well which is now on its 5th or 6th year.

Do tell me what your favourite decoration style is and PLEASE also leave a link in the comments if you do any Christmas decorating posts.  I love to see what others are doing.

Almost December…

I decorated for Christmas today.  I was going to do it Dec 1st but had to get the boxes out to look for a Santa hat (school concert) and it seemed silly not to just go for it and decorate.  I have been busy but doing nothing crafty.  I am a bit inspired by all the things I did last year so watch this space:)

 We’ve been busy with all the end of  year school stuff.  Concerts, music practices that sort of thing.  A bit of sickness as well.  I hate viruses when the weather is getting nice and warm!   I have also been getting the garden into shape.  Sorry to be so boring.  I am not even making it to Quilting group and those ladies usually inspire me. 

Shooting Stars – Mortimer Skanking

I finally switched to broadband! I can now view the internetz much speedier and I’m celebrating with the lovely Vic and Bob:)

All Day Brekkie

This is a very bad site to look at just before you go to bed and are feeling a bit hungry!  Now I badly want a fry up.  We only have eggs and maybe some beans.  Make your own delicious virtual breakfast here.

 This is mine. Mmmmmmmm


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